$690,000 0-day for Full Chain Container Escape / LPE (Linux) For sale by Cas

A high-value Linux Docker exploit, capable of full chain container escape and LPE, is sold for $690k on an underground forum. Ensure your systems are updated and secure to prevent potential breaches. #CyberSecurity #Linux #Docker #DataBreach

$690,000 0-day for Full Chain Container Escape / LPE (Linux) For sale by Cas

Forum Username: Cas
Profile: Exploiting 0days for a living
Posts: 38
Threads: 12
Reputation: 331
Joined: June 2024

Breach Details


A threat actor named "Cas" has posted on an underground forum offering a full chain container escape and local privilege escalation (LPE) exploit in Linux, specifically targeting Docker environments. The exploit, priced at $690,000, allows attackers to break out of Docker containers and gain unauthorized access to the host system.

Proof of Concept (PoC)

A video link to a proof of concept (PoC) has been provided: PoC Video

Key Points

  • Exploit Type: Full chain container escape / LPE
  • Target: Linux / Docker
  • Price: $690,000
  • Exploit Availability: Immediate

Threat Actor Profile


  • Username: Cas
  • Activity: Known for exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities
  • Forum Membership: VIP status on a prominent breach forum
  • Reputation: High within the community (331 reputation points)


Cas is actively engaged in selling high-value exploits and has a track record of posting detailed and sophisticated attack methods. The user joined the forum in June 2024 and has quickly established a significant presence.