Accor Data Breach - Over 642,000 Individuals' Data

accor data breach

The notorious threat actor, IntelBroker, has shared a database on the illicit forum BreachForums, exposing the personal information of 642,000 individuals. This data, allegedly sourced from, a leading French multinational hospitality company, includes full names, email addresses, job titles, and the companies where these individuals are employed.

Details of the Breach

The breach, which IntelBroker claims occurred in March 2024, has potentially severe implications for those affected. The sample data aligns with social media profiles, suggesting a high level of accuracy. The records, all dated June 25, 2021, could serve as a goldmine for cybercriminals engaging in phishing attacks or targeted scams.

Accor’s Global Presence

Accor’s vast network includes over 5,600 properties and 10,000 food & beverage venues across 110 countries. The group boasts a diverse portfolio of 45 hotel brands, ranging from luxury to economy. With a market capitalization of €10.5 billion and a revenue of €5.06 billion last year, Accor’s data breach represents a significant event in the hospitality industry.

IntelBroker’s History of Breaches

IntelBroker is no stranger to high-profile cyberattacks, having previously targeted companies such as Home DepotLos Angeles International Airport, and General Electric, among others. This pattern of attacks highlights the persistent threat posed by such actors in the digital age.

Protecting Against Future Breaches

As data breaches continue to rise, companies and individuals alike must bolster their cybersecurity measures. Experts recommend regular password updates, vigilance against suspicious communications, and comprehensive cybersecurity strategies to mitigate the risks of future incidents.

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