Darknet Discussions E03: Incognito Darkweb Admin, SuperMarket PapaBear Running, Fed. Sentencing

In this episode of Darknet Discussions, we get into the dramatic arrest of Pharaoh, the notorious Incognito Market admin. From exit scams to extortion and the latest Tor network challenges.

Darknet Discussions E03: Incognito Darkweb Admin, SuperMarket PapaBear Running, Fed. Sentencing

CaptainBLackBeard - King of Pirate Radio:

🎬 Welcome to another episode of Darknet Discussions! In today's video, we're getting into the dramatic events surrounding the arrest of Pharaoh, the notorious admin of Incognito Market.

💻 Over the past few months, we’ve been closely following Incognito Market, particularly focusing on its exit scams and extortion schemes. Pharaoh's bold attempts to extort darknet vendors and buyers after robbing them through an exit scam have shocked the community.

🚨 Recently, Pharaoh was finally caught at JFK Airport, sending ripples through the darknet ecosystem. The charges against him are severe, including continuing criminal enterprise, narcotics conspiracy, and money laundering. He faces potentially life in prison, reflecting the serious consequences of his actions.

💸 This arrest has had a significant impact on the darknet community. Shortly after Pharaoh’s capture, another market admin, scared by the news, decided to exit scam, further shaking up the scene. The community's reaction has been a mix of shock and a renewed sense of vigilance.

🔍 This case highlights the importance of operational security and the far-reaching consequences of failing to uphold it. Pharaoh's downfall serves as a stark reminder of the risks involved in running darknet markets.

🛡️ In addition to this, we’ve seen increased instability in the Tor network due to DDoS attacks. The Tor community is working hard to strengthen security, but they need more volunteers to host relays and nodes to keep the network robust.

🎉 On a lighter note, Archetyp recently celebrated its fourth birthday, demonstrating resilience in the face of numerous market closures. It’s great to see the community come together and support one another during these turbulent times.