Darknet Gun Dealers (95% of the time) = Feds

darknet gun dealers

Robin Baxter, a 50-year-old from Aberdeen, Scotland, was recently convicted for acquiring a Glock ammunition from a darknet vendor in the United States. This unprecedented case has stirred up numerous debates surrounding the darknet, firearm acquisition, and the role of mental health in criminal justice. Known for being the abode of illegal transactions, the darknet has once again found itself in the spotlight.

The primary defendant in the case, Baxter, reportedly placed an order for the Glock and 200 rounds of ammunition, intending to pay off a $3,000 debt he owed to a cannabis vendor. However, his plan was foiled when the Department of Homeland Security intercepted his package, labeling it as suspicious. The firearm was replaced with a dummy, and the package, ingeniously hidden within a jukebox, was sent on its way. The package also contained a laser sight and a silencer.

At his trial, Baxter confessed to attempting to acquire the gun and ammunition and agreed to a 37-month sentence. His guilty plea resulted in a lighter sentence than the initial 50-month incarceration he would have faced. Interestingly, the judge noted Baxter’s struggle with physical and mental health issues, mirroring a significant issue within the American penal system.

An astounding 62.7% of American inmates reportedly suffer from some form of mental illness. Despite Baxter’s confession, several inconsistencies in his story raise questions. First and foremost, the concept of a darknet vendor providing credit seems farfetched given the anonymous nature of transactions on the platform.

Moreover, if someone was selling firearms on the darknet, chances are they would be under the purview of the law enforcement agencies. Baxter’s case underscores the risks associated with acquiring firearms from the darknet. While some may argue that the darknet offers access to a wide array of goods and services beyond the reach of law enforcement, the truth remains that it is a risky venture. With the advent of 3D printing, there are now alternatives to purchasing guns via the darknet.

ghost gunner

The FGC-9, a fully printable submachine gun, is a viable option for individuals seeking firearms. Ghost guns, with their 0% lower receivers, provide another feasible alternative. As this bizarre case comes to a close, several questions remain unanswered. Will Baxter still owe his debt to the darknet vendor upon release? Will the mystery vendor risk another illegal transaction? And what does this case mean for future firearm acquisition attempts via the darknet?

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