Escaping Federal Prison, My Contraband Cellphone, 15 years as a fugitive - Deep Dot Darknet

federal prison escape

In this episode of Deep Dot Darknet we discuss Hashcade’s question: “do you have any prison contraband stories?”

This video is a first-hand account of the prison experience, specifically within the context of contraband. I begin by answering a question about prison contraband and then go on to share my own experiences in regards to federal prison, contraband cellphones, and having warrents for 15 years plus. We also discuss how I got my probation violated and eventually moved to Rhode Island, where he found that there were no county jails, the hard way. I talks about how the federal government does not like warrants and how he eventually ended up back in Massachusetts after 15 years on the run, and surrendering to federal prison. I describes the bureaucracy and lack of care individuals encounter while in the federal prison system, including being “warehoused” and not receiving help from his case manager. I also describes the issue of contraband in federal prison, including how prison staff can encourage its presence. I concludes by speaking about his personal experiences with phone security for phone OpSec, and how the federal government attempted to access my phone after I was released. I don’t operate with a script. I like to respond to your questions as naturally as possible. As a result sometimes I go off topic.






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