Fixing I2P - I2P Easy installer vs I2P Installer

i2p easy installer troubleshooting

I noticed with the latest update of 2.1.0 that I had many issues with I2P. The actual browser, for example, wooden launch and I was getting a bunch of different errors in my console. The way I found to resolve this was to use a different installer so instead of the I2P installer, I switched it up and downloaded the other “easy” I2P installer. If you’re having a similar issue, then this fix might work for you too.

I2P (Invisible Internet Project) is a privacy-focused, decentralized network that allows anonymous online communication and browsing. It works by creating a network of encrypted tunnels through which user traffic is routed, making it difficult to trace the origin and destination of data. I2P uses a layered approach to provide anonymity, with each layer adding an additional level of encryption and obfuscation to the user’s traffic. Users can access various services on the I2P network, such as email, chat, file sharing, and web browsing, all while maintaining their anonymity.

I2P is a free and open-source project, and anyone can use it. It’s designed to resist attacks and censorship, making it an ideal tool for activists, journalists, and anyone who values privacy and security. However, like with any technology, it’s essential to understand its limitations and risks and use it responsibly.