Latvia Government Data Breach: Over 1 Million Records Exposed

🚨 Breaking News: Latvia's government database has been hacked, exposing over 1 million records! #CyberSecurity #DataBreach

Latvia Government Data Breach: Over 1 Million Records Exposed

Country: Latvia
Government Entity: Cabinet of Ministers, Republic of Latvia

Breach Details

Date of Breach: July 6, 2024
Dump Date: July 7, 2024
Threat Actor: User "Hana" on a dark web forum
Data Exposed: 1,660,183 lines of data from Latvia's government
Content: The leaked database reportedly contains a comprehensive collection of sensitive information from various government departments. The exact nature of the data has not been fully disclosed, but such breaches typically include personal information, government communications, and potentially classified information.

Threat Actor Profile

The threat actor, identified as "Hana," is a VIP user on the forum where the data was posted. With a reputation score of 30 and activity on the site since July 2024, Hana appears to be a relatively new but possibly skilled participant in cybercrime activities. The motivation behind the breach remains unclear, but it may range from financial gain to political reasons.

Impact Analysis

Immediate Effects:

  • Data Exposure: Over 1.6 million records from Latvia's government are now potentially accessible to malicious entities.
  • Government Functionality: Compromise of sensitive information could disrupt government operations and undermine public trust.
  • Personal Privacy: The breach likely includes personal data of Latvian citizens, posing risks of identity theft and fraud.

Long-term Consequences:

  • National Security: Exposure of classified or sensitive information could jeopardize national security and diplomatic relations.
  • Economic Impact: Potential financial losses due to fraud, identity theft, and the costs of mitigating the breach.
  • Public Trust: Erosion of confidence in the government’s ability to protect sensitive information.